Flywheel Imp


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Released Jun 16, 2012
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suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to releaseQkcofse - 'Flywheel Imp' All tracks at their inception were purely spontaneous, made without plans and sometimes based on a loose idea. Several of the sound poems, miniature storms, unknown languages and backgrounds to imaginary scenes were made entirely from voice layers and/or minimally processed computer tones. Other instruments were keyboard, flute, surface percussion, and an electric razor. There has been some editing and composition from raw materials. At times extensive editing was needed when combining tracks due to volume differences.Songs like 'Wrong House' were made to encourage meaningful accidents and paranoiac listening. I spoke only made up, non-English into the mic but after random edits, one can hear among other things 'you're in the wrong house...wrong house...' I like the implications of unconscious speech assembling itself from scrambled whirlpools of words. My intentions were not strictly 'musical' but rather inspired by surrealist black humor, experimental improvisation, and emotional release. It was a challenge to see what I could do without using many instruments. Multi-tracking sound software provided the ability to build duets, trios and quartets with myself.Walking, Parade, Wrong House, Slow Motion Imitation Fan, Polymorphous Rose Bonnet, Phase a Couple Rooms, and As Do I are the tracks made from voice, with the exceptions of Wrong House which also features tapping, and Walking which also features manipulated tones and frequencies. Roast Lettuce and Wrong House appeared on Peak the Source Volume 1 and Class War Karaoke Survey 0018.Many thanks to Jaan Patterson, Anthony Donovan, and Adrian Beentjes for helping release my sounds online.Qkcofse stands for Quantities of Excitation Kandinsky Clerambault Syndrome.M.K. Shibek, June 2012 "a timer was set to drink most valuable choices causing the knockout to prevail the skin.a scream like barking kept sliding the light of yellow shields handed more troubles to concern in this moment of sleep. a sin had arisen from haunted behaviors."- undRess Béton