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Pulse by Psychadelik Pedestrian

Album Description

Psychadelik Pedestrian's fourth LP brings together ten more tracks in a variety of electronic styles, with elements of chillout, trance, electro, breaks, dubstep and ambient.  For this album, Psychadelik Pedestrian takes a slightly less intense sound than on his last outing, Nocturnia, while retaining strong melodies and his unique blend
of electronic, synthesized and orchestral sounds.  The album is also fully instrumental, with no vocal tracks unlike on Pedestrian's previous two LPs. A return to the more relaxed vibe of Psychadelik Pedestrian's Transient album, blending chillout with trance pads and synths, is evident on tracks such as Breaking Waves, Starlight and Fledgling, while elements of Pedestrian's early sound appears in the chilled piano-driven grooves of Catching Rays.  Despite this, Pedestrian still blends in some more intense, darker moments reminiscent of his Nocturnia LP - The Dead Of Night has slightly eerie overtones and Sleep Tight starts as a chilled, atmospheric piece before breaking into a darker electronic track with growling synth bass and even gabba kick drums.   In amongst the downtempo tracks, Psychadelik Pedestrian returns to his roots and sneaks in a couple of electro breaks tracks; Pulse combines bleepy synth patterns with bodypopping early 80s style electro grooves combined with a contemporary edge and glitchy effects.  Hit The Deck starts with some atmospheric pads but turns into a pure breakbeat and bass workout, with pounding bass stabs and crashing upfront breaks, throwing in a few trance riffs for good measure.



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PUBLISHER: Toucan Music