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  • Matthew Timpanelli
Matthew Francis Timpanelli is a multimedia artist born and raised in Staten Island's south shore. In 2001 he joined a music community called Soulseek Records that was associated with the Soulseek filesharing program. Later he became a project organizer there and took over the duties as webmaster and head of the organization around 2003-2004. His work with the community received positive reviews for the label and the community was featured at yearly art and music festival called lab30 in Augsburg, Germany. In 2004 he performed at this festival along with community members. From his work with this community he was
then hired by Soulseek LLC to be the Creative Director for their commercial label called SLSK Records which became a sister label to Soulseek Records. There he was involved in organizing tours and performances, photo shoots, contests, and all the duties of a commercial record label. While being a Creative Director he began to freelance as a graphic designer and continues to work professionally in advertising and media. He has been released on many compilations and collaborated with many artists as well as conceptualizing and managing several music and art projects. In January 2008, he was included in an art show at TheShowroomNYC, Toy Tokyo's art gallery in Manhattan's lower east side. He continues to create art in all shapes and forms and still runs Soulseek Records, gaining more exposure for unsigned artists.


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