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Index finger by The Procedure Club

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download full art here
This nine songs, created consciously from the lo-fi threshold, pierces with secrecy and tiptoe, holding some kind of smile in between lines, through that nebular still at sight in the pop universe: the nebular some affirm is a Phill Spector creation. There, lightly dream-crispy distortions not yet cleared holds the
Andrea Bellair's voice, who interweaves phrasings that, more accurate, pretend to play between inconsistency and whispers. And while she goes through ponds of imprecise reflections, Adam Malec's guitarrs and other sound sources outlines some sort of future memories, because from one song to another the oldschool sound (sixties pop, no doubt) changes from one to another that jumps to more experimental pop grounds, yet to be defined with a precise and cardinal word. Yes, everything here passed on without any filter, direct from the duo pulsations (both esthetic and practical) to sleezy manufactured recorders.This is how pop can be, elegant and awkward. Fun and a little out of focus. Or very out of it.(Review By Claudia Sandoval)(via Skribble Kite / download full art here)Also available via Umor Rex