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Buried in the Garden by Pregnant

Album Description

Released:November 14th, 2014

"Two years ago, Daniel Trudeau received a weird, cryptic email. Someone—or something—named John Raw needed help committing suicide from the digital world. It starts like this: 'I am John Raw. I am an intern at presence. My existence is a test that will display the symbiotic experiences of lives that can co-mingle within two social experiences/lives.'

John Raw then went on to define a few terms. 'One Duo' means a person who lives physically and digitally. 'Buried in the Garden' is someone completely submerged in the Internet. 'Kid Need' is the physical world. John Raw is 'Buried in the Garden' and wants to experience 'Kid Need' and therefore requires the help of 'One Duos.'

Trudeau is a 'One Duo' and sought the assistance of other 'One Duos,' those 20 other artists, to fabricate John Raw in the physical world so that John Raw can die in the digital world.

Who is John Raw? That’s a layered question. Let’s start with something slightly simpler: Who sent that first email? A person? A spambot?" -Sacramento News & Review

"...takes the cake as the weirdest thing to ever land in my inbox." -Yvynyl


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Buried in the Garden by Pregnant is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.


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