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Pranavibes was born in 2011 between Paris and Burgundy in France. Didgeridoo player Adrien B. proposed a new idea to guitarist Antoine J. The following year, David J.-M. joined the boat and brought his percussive approach. The crew was launched, and a new adventure began using many different instruments: didgeridoo, cajon, goblet drum, musical saw, beatboxing, jew's harp, acoustic guitar, etc.    Sarah F. joined the crew in 2015, bringing an electro touch and samples compositions. In its concerts, the band creates a colorful atmosphere thats mixes tribal world music, African rhythms, folk, many rythmes
In 2013, the band recorded its first EP of 4 tracks and started to appear in concerts at festivals in France.
In January 2016 is released "Explorations", the first complete album of Pranavibes, 12 tracks with different atmospheres including some rock, electronica and drum&bass music. They also bring some new instruments such as the handpan.

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