Pony Time

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A two-piece garage rock band from Seattle, WA, Pony Time is: Luke Beetham, a Seattle native, on bass/baritone guitar/vocals and Stacy Peck,an Iowa transplant, on drums. The two met helping a mutual friend move a stereo back in 2009. They started playing their unique brand of danceable punk music together soon after. Bands that make them tick include: Gary Numan, Bo Diddley, The Milkshakes, The Breeders, and Fleetwood Mac.Live, the band is refreshing to both eyes and ears. Luke holds his bass ridiculously high while sweating through a dress shirt, tie, and sweater vest. Stacy (formerly of Telepathic Liberation Army) pounds at her kit in a tissue-thin Bob Seger tee and ratty denim jacket, blowing unruly bangs out of her face. Visually, they clash delightfully. Between-song banter during their 20-minute sets is at once dorky and endearing—flexing a sly sense of humor that's never precious.While Pony Time has some vintage facets (thick reverb, early-sixties rough rock melodies), they're undoubtedly contemporary—and local. Their songs are sonic slices of Seattle rock right now. Hints of Pacific Northwest past gleam through in riot grrrl beats, Sonics garage grit, and low logger truck tones. Yet, their ability to conjure something new from their influences exemplifies Seattle's current tight, supportive music community.