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 Polka Madre (1 Albums, 13 Tracks)


Polka Madre, live at the Sabor Lounge in Los Angeles, CA, June 2008.
LOCATION:Portland, OR / Mexico City, Mexico
  • Eric Bergman (vox, guitar, mandolin)
  • Marina de Ita (accordion, keyboards)
  • Enrique Perez (clarinet)
  • Andrew Cameron (bass)
  • Raymundo Vera (percussion)
  • Jueves de Karmer
  • Isorattya Bone Machine
"Polka Madre is a Balkan / Polka / thrash mashing Mexican / Euro / US combo that sprung forth from Jueves de Karmer, a warehouse / performance space and ground zero for artists, musicians, outsiders and bohemian types in Mexico City. In addition to spearheading Mexico City's nascent Balkan /
E. European scene with their sonic onslaught, the band is notorious for its on-stage theatrics, bolstered by the visually compelling motorized bone-puppetry of Finland's soon-to-be-legendary Isorattya Bone Machine." - Rob Weisberg, 2008


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