Wavy Glass

Podington Bear

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Released Apr 19, 2010
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SimLoads Sep 19, 2016

Podbear. I'd like to say thank you for making the happiest songs on earth. First off I'd like to let you know I am using some of your songs in a radio broadcast on YouTube, and I for one noticed the "Creative Commons" Label on the song. So at least I'm aware of the copyright notice. Lastly, I love your music and always have, ever since I found Egress on this website. Thanks!

podbear Oct 04, 2014

moonofsilver- You do realize that I'm human? When you call me a liar and imply that I have some sinister profit motive, I think you're being a bit mean. I can't control the language YouTube uses and you've read my explanation above. A YouTube music stream royalty is .0007 cents. No one is getting rich here. The fact is FMA users can use my music on YouTube with click-to-hide banners and absolutely...

moonofsilver Oct 04, 2014

Youtube identified this song as 3rd party content. I DON'T WANT ADS ON MY VIDEOS. why does this song show up that I've used it wrong? I did not monetize my video nor is it for commercial purposes. I will no longer be using these songs. The artist did not put these in the creative commons category--he has lied, he is trying to make money off of us.

podbear Aug 05, 2013

The 3rd party content notification that occurs with some of my tracks when identified by YouTube NEVER results in punitive action and aligns with a CC-BYNC license quite well. A user can accept the claim or do nothing. The only option withheld from a video is "monetization" which should not be a concern if the video is non-commercial. I gather the language behind the notification comes off a bit s...

niall Aug 04, 2013

It says there's a creative commons licence so I've used it in a video. Youtube identified it as 3rd party content. Now I've had to dispute that claim and could have my youtube account shut. I'm going to have to find another song, and export and upload the video again. I recommend avoiding this song if you don't want to deal with this hassle.

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