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Electro Daisychain by Pinklogik

Album Description

We Are One
We Are One
To celebrate our first year as a label, Section 27 - with the help of 51 artists both on S27 and friends of our label - have put together this mighty fine compilation that spans a very broad pallette of electronic sounds. Three parts, 51 tracks, 270 minutes of music
and more electronic genres than you can shake a large stick at, "We Are One" is our gift to all the people who have supported us from when we started until the present day and beyond. Features guest appearances by Planet Mu's Mrs Jynx and Schematic Records' Dino Felipe. Part 1 - BODY (tracks 1-20) Part 2 - MIND (tracks 21-37) Part 3 - HEART - (tracks 38-51)



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