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Released Jan 01, 1999
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Gough is an Australian audio addict who has been creating sounds for many years, but only recently stopped hiding his creations. Kinetica is the fluttering yes/no state of his sounds rendered via PC. Pimmon manipulates a variety of sound sources on PC, but enjoys assembling the final creation on analogue tape, creating a warmth that he desires. That's just one of the examples of how Gough attains originality and a personal feel in his music. "Kinetica" is a reflection of the state of mind Pimmon finds himself when he creates sounds, the flickering state of possibilities which sees a pendulum swing between chaos and order, collapse and coherence. Pimmon released his debut CD last year on the Japanese label, Meme, as well as an LP on Dutch label, ERS and a 7" on UK label Static Caravan. The 3 labels are quite different in their approach to releasing music, and it's this diverse and kinetic state of Pimmon that allows him to transcend musical genres. The sound of Pimmon? Pimmon manages to combine sounds and emotions without sounding unfocused. Buzzes and blips, distorted rumbles, ghosts of melody, radar pulses, glitched ambience all are melted into an unpredictable slab of sound that fluctuates on and off. Minimal and maximised sounds weave without sounding unfocused. Microscopic worlds that are zoom-lensed into grainy focus, alien and yet vaguely familiar, an emotive call from the distance all combine to form 'Kinetica'.