Pigeons & The Insane Porridgemakers

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Music of group "Pigeons & The Insane Porridgemakers" is a set of labyrinthes where everyone can freely go the footpaths. In musical compositions of group so much images for perception, how many opportunities and variants of representation of these at human consciousness: consciousnesses of the listener, contemplator, wandering on musical compositions as on landmarks in thickets unknowable. Everything travelling on labyrinthes of consciousness, it will be interesting to get acquainted with the point of view on this subject "Pigeons & The Insane Porridgemakers".Group of 10 artists, and as a matter of fact - the whole theatre, where in improvised performances, there is a place for each participant. The space which is warmed up by the "sun" of a stage, is filled with elements of a jazz, folk, avant-guarde, industrial, psychedelic, punk-aesthetics and is flavoured with the spoken words...

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