Pietnastka is one of the recording monikers of Piotr Kurek, a Warsaw based musician and composer. Since 2006 he has collaborated with a long list of contemporary dance and theatre companies, record labels, and artists.
Kurek creates densely-woven tapestries of sound. His layered melodic patterns are constructed from and influenced by sounds ranging from contemporary abstractions to the melismatic ululations of primeval chants. As a performer, he often makes use of amplified organs, electric accordions, and many other unusual instruments.
Kurek has participated in numerous music and theatre festivals, including: Transmediale (Berlin), Elevate (Gratz), UH Fest (Budapest), Baltic Festival (Brugge), Traverses (Nancy), Malta International Theatre Festival (Poznań), Gdansk Dance Festival (Gdańsk), Underground Theatre Festival (Aarad), Cornelius Cardew and the Art of Listening (Porto), International Festival of Modern Dance (Kovno), etc. He is co-author of “Urban Afterimage,” a finalist at the Malta International Theatre Festival (2009), and the author of music for “NN. Tribute to Vaclav Nijinsky,” a Lublin Dance Theatre production that was nominated, in 2008, for best contemporary dance performance in Poland.