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Metaverse by Pierce Murphy

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The Joke Isn't Funny But It Goes Like This
The Joke Isn't Funny But It Goes Like This
Producer: Pierce Murphy
Engineer: Pierce Murphy
Funny, sincere, kinda jackass-y: The Joke Isn't Funny But It Goes Like This marries a lot of my passions in one audio experience. From the satirical misunderstanding of world religions and spirituality that is "Born Again", the mutually exploitative adventures of "Under The Influencer", the strait up dicking around of "Metaverse", to the cathartic hope for togetherness after these last few insane years in "This Dream I Had" and the poigniant and powerful look at modern American culture and the toll it takes in "This Land", I've tried to capture something unique and sweeping from a topical perspective, all while
exploring the sounds and vibes that I dig so much. All of it written, performed, recorded, engineered, and produced by me. Hope you enjoy listening to and using it in your projects as much as I enjoyed creating it. @piercemurphy on Instagram to stay up to date. Say hi, I love to connect. Cheers, friends. Pierce



04. Pierce Murphy - Metaverse 00:02:42

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It's got quite a bit of swearing, but its for comedic effect. Play it for your friends. Don't play it on FCC facing radio stations.
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