Pierce Murphy

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Just a guy who grew up playing guitars and writing songs in Denver, Colorado. My background and training is in jazz, and my interestes stem largerly form that discipline. That includes blues, soul, RnB, hip hop, funk, electronic, new wave, pop music... basically anything with a groove and some interesting chords.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist playing all of the parts of anything on this here page. And I record and produce all my music myself as well. I'm not good at sharing, apparently. Which is weird, considering the nature of Free Music Archive and how much I adore being a part of it and anything all you lovely people want to include my music in.

Please feel free to use my stuff in whatever projects and ways you like. Music only matters when people interact with it. When it becomes more than just mine. I do love to hear from folk who end up using my tracks, so please don't be shy and say hello.

One great way to do that is via Instagram: @piercemurphy. Definitley tag me if you post anything there with my stuff so I can give a shoutout back.

But more importantly than anything, I hope you enjoy the music I make and find a way to make it yours, too.

Thanks friends.