A Thousand Stars

Pictures of the Floating World

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Released 01/06/2016
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akong Mar 03, 2017

Hello! I am making a promotional video for our library (non-profit use!). I need the song to be less than a minute and I was wondering if I can contact you for help? I don't want to mess up your awesome song. I am thinking of editing out the 4 repeat measures of each instrument.. Please let me know what you think!

ldt-f Jan 28, 2016

hi cheyenne, how can i contact the artist? can?t find any link here... thanks

cheyenne_h Jan 22, 2016

Hi Christi, According to this license, you may use the music in a video as long as you follow the terms of the license: the video may not be commercial in nature (so no fundraising or advertising products) and must be shared under a Share-Alike license. Any other use must be cleared with the original artist.

christi@fhfi Jan 20, 2016

Would you allow for a non-profit to use: A Thousand Stars by Pictures of the Floating World for a informative video?

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