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Crimson River by Pick Ups

Album Description

Mister Charisma Records 001 I met Pat Muecke when I was 20 and he turned me on to a ton of music that i'd never heard before - country blues, reggae dub, Minutemen, etc. He is a huge influence in my life. He also was (and remains) an iconoclast, a
hot s--- guitar player and one of my favorite song writers. He's got his own style, combining slide guitar, self taught funky notes, great lyrics, and real soul. I'm proud to have compiled so much Pat Muecke music on Mass Dist's page on the FMA. You can follow his artistic trajectory -  It starts with Blind Mitre where creatively and sonically the sky was the limit and the river was raw. Boils is totally gnarly but his song writing has become more focused and slightly refined. With Pick Ups, Pat really found himself and figured it out. When a lot of his friends were getting more abstract, he got more direct. I never questioned Pat's trajectory. He was always right on. Still is. Crazy motherf----- :) Pick Ups was Patrick, Jordan Colon on bass, and 3 different drummers. This Discography features their full length CD Finest Quality with John Motley behind the kit, an excellent demo featuring Joanna Prisco on drums, and a live recording from the Pilot Light in Knoxville featuring Tim Nylander banging away. And lastly, we have for you a nice recording of Pat playing acoustic blues on Harvard radio. MASS DIST... 



10. Pick Ups - Crimson River 00:13:58

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