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 Pianochocolate (7 Albums, 60 Tracks)

LOCATION:Rostov-na-Donu (Russia)
  • Mikhail Korumenko-composer, keys, duduk
  • Petr Shenshin - Drums
  • Sergey Openko - Viola
Pianochocolate is an electronical musical project created in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, in 2008. Pianochocolate is an amazing combination of classical piano music, ambient electro rhythms and chocolate delights bringing the feeling of amorousness and tenderness. The project was created for those who try to escape from big city life with its vanity and fuss and sink into a world of sweet dreams and pacification. In its new album Lilac Pianochocolate presents the new material that is more mature and wise, telling us about the things important for each of us with no words. Senses and emotions are the instruments making us
feel better with the first few sounds of Pianochocolate music. It grows with its listeners, filling itself with new thoughts, visions and tints, giving us joy and happiness.  Pianochocolate's first album entitled «Morning Coffee» was released by the independent Russian online-label «Pulsations For You» in late 2008 and soon found its audience on the Internet. Presentation of the album went on MySpace Russia, songs were featured on many Internet radio stations such as Klassik Radio Germany, Deluxe Lounge Radio, LoungeFM. Music of Pianochocolate doesn't sound like something in specific, it is versatile, can change abruptly as the mood,it is alive. You can meet the elements of styles such as Drum & Bass, Breaks, Chillout, Easy Listening, Jungle, Trance. Some melodies of the project can be heard in movies and social advertising. Time to Meet (EP) 2009 - Five new songs, new journey in the world of emotions, memories and music scents. Ukrainian video creator Alexander Verlan took beautiful video on the song «Sevgilim», co-recorded with singer Alfida. Presentation of the video was on MySpace Russia, becoming the latest video in rotation Russian  branch network MySpace before its closure. Pianochocolate is the official artist of the German label Diventa Music, songs of the project is constantly expressed in various German collections. November 30 on the German label Lemongrassmusic out the next collection of the famous series Klassik Lounge Nightflight. vol. 3 (Double-CD). Creator of the collection is a DJ Nartak behalf Klassik Radio Germany. Audience Klassik Radio has about 1.5 million listeners. At present the collection composition Pianochocolate - Waltz.  In 2009 was released the album Pianochocolate - B-Side, which includes songs not included in the previous 2 albums. Another step towards a European public has been cooperating with the German musician Ingo Herrmann. Music Ingo Herrmann published on a major label - Cafe Del Mar Music and Universal, one of his tracks has been licensed for the Olympic Games in Beijing and aired BBC. Joint release contains 6 tracks for each project. Piano - classical instrument, a model of good taste, time-tested, still interesting. Chocolate - sweet instrument capable of transmitting a feeling of happiness and domestic comfort. Music Pianochocolate suitable for easy background listening, and for thoughtful, meaningful and emotional perception.     PIANOCHOCOLATE - AQUARELLE - beautiful melody, the gentle sounds of violins and piano, combining elements of neo-classical, modern electronic and live music. If the music has content - style does not matter because music is perceived sensations, but if all the same to try to determine what PIANOCHOCOLATE - get something like this: progressive-neoclassic-modern-cosmic-intellegent-beautiful-breaks. The basic concept of the project is transformation of emotions in music. Nowadays when everyone lacks time, many things become disposable, tasteless. Our goal is to create warm songs that will bring on associations and emotions. Promotion in Radios and from DJs: Klassik Radio, SWR3, Radio42, You-FM, rbb Berlin, Swiss Lounge Radio, Lush 99,5 FM, Relax Salon (China), Freies Radio Goppingen, Ibiza Global Radio (Spain), Sonic Ibiza Radio (Spanien), Radio Capri (Italien), Electro Lounge Radio (USA), Groovera (USA), Slackline Radio (USA), Deluxe Television, HR3 (Nightlounge), NDR Nachtclub, ORF FM4 (Austria), Antenna 5 Radio (Mazedonien), City Radio (Mazedonien), Chanel 77 (Mazedonien), Macedonian Radio 1und 2 (Mazedonien), Club fm Radio (Mazedonien), Ravel Radio (Mazedonien), Loungingsound, Subsonictemple, Below Zero (USA), Insomnia (UK), Tonic FM, (France), Laut.FM, Sceen.FM, Planet Radio, Raute Musik, KissKissnapoli(IT), Lounge Radio (GER), Nocturnal Radio (UK), Munich Radio(GER), Jazzy Lounge (USA),Libero Radio (IT), Radio Slovenija, Radio 88 Miso, TV Deluxe Entertainment, DJ Nartak, Ralph Rosenbaum, Berkstroem, DJ Luna, DJ Ping, Dj Gianni, DJ Zappi, DJ Victor Nebot, DJStephan Karkowsky, DJ Pippi and many more

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