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 Phonotrash (2 Albums, 16 Tracks)


  • Simon Bergoč – el. guitar
  • Tomaž Valenčič – bass guitar
  • Borut Matičič – el. drums
Phonotrash started in 2006 as a three piece with Tomaž Valenčič on bass, Simon Bergoč on guitar and Borut Matičič on drums. Main goal was to experiment with guitar effects and be creative in the field of alternative music. We were trying to find the right vocalist but actually never succeded in finding a permanent member so we sticked to instrumentals and music that was a mix of disco-rock, post-punk and industrial leaning toward electronic music. Several demos were made and the last one in 2007 became our debut release on Headphonica. It sounds raw and lo-fi because everything we
do is recorded and mixed by ourselves and it could be said that a strong d.i.y. ethic is present in our work. It's not about succes, it's about being creative, being ourselves, because there's enough copycats and wannabies out there. After demo and few remixes the band went on hiatus and only after a year we continued with exploitation of guitar effects and changed acoustic drums with old electronic drums, therefore the sound reached new dimensions wich resulted in new songs and spaced out sound that characterize our latest work entitled Elsewhere. Elsewhere is also self recorded and produced. Unfortunately the process of recording took very long time and Tomaž left the band toward the end of recording of Elsewhere. The line up change will also result in our approach toward playing and recording so there's a lot of new happening in this field. In our future release we will reinvent ourselves in old jam sessions and only time will tell what soundscapes we have yet to discover.



02. Phonotrash - Time Bending 00:03:55
03. Phonotrash - 100 Miles 00:04:05
04. Phonotrash - Astro Glam 00:04:02
05. Phonotrash - Elsewhere 00:04:48
06. Phonotrash - Scanners 00:03:19
07. Phonotrash - Stardust 00:04:21
08. Phonotrash - Teleporting 00:03:36
10. Phonotrash - Wormhole 00:07:36

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