The Howling Rectangles

Phonic Psychomimesis

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Released May 03, 2014
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Phonic Psychomimesis was conceived at the fall of 2009 in Riga, by two course-mates of philosophy studies who united their will to create an experimental works of sound. The participants of the project are confederates hardcore reflecting on the sound art - they come together irregularly to work on specific topics.   The duo pays close attention to various strange sound details of objects and occurances that inhabit our everyday life and space around us - both associatively independent from their materialistic origins or simply vivid and special audio marginalities, viewing them as seperate beings and enjoying their sonic autonomy. Guys are perceiving the beauty of these sounds exactly in their intangibility and, in order to experience them as long as possible, they seek to adopt them and to produce an ideally fixed, finite loop similar to gif image.   Phonic Psychomimesis are using the zoom of their hearing, makes a sonic autopsy, removing the sounds out of their surroundings and inspecting them seperately under the magnifying glass. Project works with the imaginative analysis of sound, focusing on constructing unreal audio situations where the result of the synthesis of different records has rather purely aesthetically grasped identity than empirically descriptive and documenting side. There are dense compositions made, where the thick structures of sound leaves a very tiny space for conceptually stimulated emotional atmospheres.   The title of the project should be understood as a mimetic imitation of basic-atoms of psychical conditions via sound. In the theories of mind psychomema is an analogue for semema or the core element of the meaning in semantics.   * * *   “The Howling Rectangles” is an audio research dealing with diverse door size and material audio capabilities. Phonic Psychomimesis are fascinated by rich and diverse sound features of door squeaks, also gripped by indistinctive aspects of door materials, for example aggressiveness of swollen and subsided wooden doors or razorblade thin frequencies of metal doors. Work is permeated by near musical features and principles of cacophony, thereby creating unnatural denseness of sound. The project takes doors as one of the first childhood musical instruments and “The Howling Rectangles” like a childish act, created by door squeaks.   Poetically this work is about the threshold – that thin dividing line between spaces. It is about entering and leaving, but at the same time staying somewhere in-between as being stuck in a moment. That is kind of twisted duality where piercing sounds are interchanging with softer ambient passages, finding the most harmonic places in the noise. Result is compromise and balance of natural and synthetic character likewise duo of two persons.   The work is like a mysterious dog howling during the night, which penetrates consciousness when you fall asleep during a horror movie. Doors are like modern guard dogs in shape of rectangles and squeaking is the unheard voice of these guards. The squeak of the doors, from perspective of authors, is one of the most avant-garde sounds in the world as a musical sounds. At the same time, these are ones of the more annoying sounds, wherewith this work also possesses comic shades.   Released by suRRism-Phonoethics (sPE_0181)