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Philip White’s performances center on a non-linear feedback system, which consists of a mixer and several homemade circuits. In addition to his work with analog and digital electronics, White has written extensively for chamber ensembles and created a large body of intermedia pieces that explore meaning in information transmission. He currently performs with Suzanne Thorpe (thenumber46) and Chuck Johnson (with chuck johnson with philip white). Recent performances/exhibitions include Diapason (NYC), The Frying Pan (NYC), The Stone (NYC), Sonic Circuits (DC), Redux New Media Festival (Charleston, SC), Galerie Neurotitan (Berlin), Princeton University, Bent Festival 2010, NYCEMF 2010, and a featured spot on He has performed with Toshimaru Nakamura, Gene Coleman, Kenta Nagai, ADACHI Tomomi, Michael Schumacher and Nisi Jacobs. He recently received funding from Meet the Composer to present his work in Washington, DC. thenumber46’s debut Bleach and Ammonia was released in cassette format on Tape Drift Records and has been described thus: "Listening to this group (for me) required total recalibration as a listener." Philip also writes about music, contributing to the Wire magazine, SEAMUS Journal, and Notes. In 2008, Philip received his MFA in Electronic and Recorded Media from Mills College where he worked with Chris Brown, Hilda Parades, Helmut Lachenmann, Roscoe Mitchell and James Fei. While there he taught both Sound Art and Electronic Arts. For more info:

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