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You Woke Me Up by Peterloo Massacre

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“Peterloo Massacre seem almost conventional in their line-up of singer-guitarist, bassist, drummer and electronics man. Except that electronics man is Paul Green, controller of a synthetic orchestra of beautifully fluid keyboard sounds and laptop (as well as a rather excellent little tabletop LED display screen). And that singer is the
remarkable KiN, a black stripe painted across her eyes and her voice a collision of cracked urban soul, atmospheric near-whispers and strange vibrations. As such, they’re reminiscent of the leading lights of the trip-hop movement inasmuch as they manage to sound both richly and pleasantly melodic and faintly menacing at the same time, sort of like being in a flotation tank with a stingray.” (Live Review 22nd Nov 2008 by Cath Audergine)



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