Experimental Lakes

Peripheral Living

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Released Apr 19, 2014
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A lulling duet-music winter-carved.
An outside hot-island wishful verite.
In the cold depths of freezing months, senses tune to the sun lilting towards scorched land and warm waters where drifting landscapes nestle up against dry and prickly brush. Maybe the wandering reverbs surround the fire and are extinguished by wooden plucks and bell-like hums. In reminder, as a youngster, close quarters soon tent-open into the barren outstretched land, unzipping a secondary living globe steps from an inner familiar form, a close-knit communication over flames of warmth and survival. But how do we remember? Who gathered the wood?
Repetitive hiking figures arise and lift and blow away with the smoke and ashes, only to re-particulate through sleep’s window. The sleeping window. Rustling leaves shuffle continuously, twigs and hanging bulbs tickle peering skin and move in constant misdirection. Visions brought about through sober interpretation abstract the natural outdoors into dreams. Painting child-like finger drawings over high definition still photography of our Canadian Shield – like the use of shaky camera techniques when the boss gives you a stabilizer, we took turns taking care of the light.
This is a collection of recordings by Ryan Waldron (Talugung) and myself (Running Point) as Peripheral Living. Experimental Lakes, when you look down from this rocky spot, collect and lap the mystery away. What can we pull from fresh water when under microscopic tests? The filled-cups begin to talk and the plants look over. We’ll water them soon.