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The Smiler (1907, Zonophone Concert Band) by Percy Wenrich

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Ragtime’s upbeat style is perfect as a happy and inspiring backdrop for playtime! This collection focuses on ragtime, an American music style from more than 100 years ago, a long time before the invention of CDs and iPods. Back then, sound was recorded into things like wax, resin, paper and metal. The paper recordings were played by machine instruments. The most popular was called a player piano, and most songs here are recorded from player pianos. The selections in this release were recorded from cylinders, 78 rpm records and player pianos by tomrjim and Jonathan Aizen. Zachary Brewster-Geisz recorded "Maple
Leaf Rag" using orchestra software. more info, cover art, and a make-it-yourself paper piano model Ragtime originated in African American musical communities, in the late 19th century, and descended from the jigs and marches played by bands in Northern cities with black populations. By the start of the 20th century it became widely popular throughout North America and was listened and danced to, performed, and written by people of many different cultures. A distinctly American musical style, ragtime may be considered a blend of African rhythms and European classical music.



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