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Peglica i Komandos [pe'gliˌtsa & ko'mæn'dos] is an intergalactic band stationed in Zagreb, Croatia. After Komandos (Croatian for Commando) was attacked by Robokonj (Robohorse), metallic pawn of the evil Gadur-Gadur empire vowed to spread trash all around the system, he fled Earth, Milky Way in the Peglica (Fiat 126) that was powered by the misterious and special forces of Elektrosintersajzer (Electrosynthersizer).
He came to the strange planet of Kefter, Gatha where he befriended some strange creatures. He then used the special powers of Elektrosintersajzer to turn them into the crew of Peglica & Komandos.
Commando sent the crew back to Earth, Milky Way, giving them the Peglica and the Elektrosintersajzer, so they could fight the Gadur-Gadur empire. On the way back they forgot most of the story except their names, mission and Commando waiting for them on their home planet Kefter in the distant galaxy of Gatha.
The band is singing in Croatian and a bit of Kefterian, but the grooving is international. It is a part of a bigger collective Jeboton (, which sparked, encouraged and helped with the creation of the band and their music. By now they fought against Gadur-Gadur by releasing three albums:
Kefter Gatha (2017)
Sjeti se Rokenrola, govorio je (live, 2017)
Fleševi s Keftera (2018)

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