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the paulbaileyensemble (PBE) is an alt-classical garage band that plays the music of a variety of living and dead composers. The group was created in 2002 as d.i.y. forum outside the usual and limited channels of art music presentation.
Paul Bailey, trombone/kaossilator/laptop, is a performer/composer/teacher and is interested in composing and performing music using the broken-consort, open score and modular improvisational ideals. He has worked as staff musician disneyland and taught at John Marshall High School in Los Angeles and Viewpoint School at Calabasas, Ca, and currently teaches music education and music theory classes at California State University Fullerton and at music courses at the Heritage College Ready Academy Charter School in Los Angeles.  He is a member of the arroyo arts collective and lives in Highland Park (a suburb of Los Angeles) with his wife Debbie, and assorted critters; Dolly, Javi, Peepers, Twinkie, Sasha and Lucy.

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