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Paul Abbott

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Released May 29, 2013
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Solo for drum kit + computer + 3 speakers, Recorded to Sony D50, Live at Cafe Oto, 21 May 2013.
"Solo playing is often described as a solitary  process – one person, alone, with their instrument – and as such, an  exposed and fragile activity.
Actually, public solo music making is a fundamentally collective,  cooperative and social act. Its fragility and creative tension comes  through the act (or attempt) to accommodate and balance the many  elements and facets of context, materials, human inputs (affective,   physical, commercial, socio-political (malign and benign)) history,  climate and feelings that – in toto together – comprise and maintain the moment and location of the solo.
A recorded solo documents (but elides) much of this nexus. And  so here, through the sounds of skins, heads, bits, bytes, cones, codes,  shells, rims, metals, woods, cables, plastics and of drumkit, laptop and  speakers pulses, vibrates and is filtered a creative context and  moment." (Seymour Wright)
It is;
14x6.5" Snare Drum
16x14" Bass Drum (Converted Floor Tom)
14x14" (Hanging) 'Tom'
10x6.5" 'Tom' (converted FX snare)
14" 'Hi Hat' Cymbals
Alloy details unknown: 92% Copper, 8% Tin
18" 'Crash/Ride' Cymbal
Alloy details unknown: 92% copper, 8% tin
mGenn (pure data) patch programmed with the following protocological influences:
12 stage time-pipe with behaviour-condition territories, of variable duration
or (rudimentary) machine listening  and pattern recognition:
    zero (welcome)
    area 1 (3 sub sections)
    area 2 (3 sub sections)
    area 3 (3 sub sections)
    x (get out)
[code-poesis rhetorics]
    01 getting outs, gettings out. N excavations.
    02 raw feels at turgor membrane.
    03 guts inverted: warm/loathing, slippy/risks, limp/augmentation.
    04 hope perpendicular pushes, stretches and breaks.
    05  n3 technologies in diaBOlogical analysis,  exploration, ant/agony   against oppressive consolidation (taxoclumps,  compounds, commodities).
    06 crude pulses; deep, bound, elastic for no-priority.
    07 all apparent absentees replace focus.
    08 vegus sub-divisions outfrom many wobbly planes.
    09 marginal fold-ins rub unboolean contingent limits against panic.