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from the official website: The Our Lady of Perpetual Obsolescence Vinyl Rescue Mission and Orphanage is an organization that has been helping old, forgotten, and unwanted vinyl records find a home since 1993. In these days of online music, compact discs, and other wonders of science, one tends to forget that vinyl records ever existed. But not too long ago, vinyl was the pinnacle of modern recording technology. These large, slowly rotating pieces of plastic held music, speech, instructional materials, and yes, even dreams. But like so many dreams, the reign of vinyl, for the most part, came to an
end when the alarm clock of the compact disc rang loud and long. In a twinkling, the long-playing record joined the rotary dial telephone and the milkman in the slow, sad march to becoming a footnote in the encyclopedia of life. To be sure, some of the more popular examples of the vinyl genre have entered a new stage of life as ‘collectibles’. Sought after and lovingly taken care of by fetishists all over the world, collectible vinyl is enjoying the good life. But what of those poor, unfortunate individuals who by their very nature are not popular? What of the privately produced and vanity recordings that were never produced in great numbers? What of the musical genres that are given nary a glance today? What of the album covers that are so hideous that it was hoped that they would disappear without a trace? Often found living in substandard conditions and crammed together without regard to their comfort, health, or dignity, these poor souls spend their days waiting to be rediscovered. Our staff here at the Our Lady of Perpetual Obsolescence Vinyl Rescue Mission diligently conducts rescue sweeps to locate these forgotten ones, bring them to our state of the art Rescue Center, and help them to begin the process of rehabilitation. Through our efforts, these unknown pieces of vinyl find a new life and are able to share their gifts with the world for the first time in many years, some for the first time ever. We invite to you explore our Mission and see how these unique pieces of the past may enrich our lives in the present. Thank you for your support, Pastor Francis McPurvis


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