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Panda Paranoico is an experimental alleatory project from Argentina, dedicated to explore the sounds of music instruments, computers, every day objects, and transforming them into songs.
The project started in 2003 with 6 musician and one non-musician. In 2004 released their first LP, “Vengo del futuro a comprar un sticker, deme un piano Vol. 2″ (I came from the future to sell you a sticker, give me a piano Vol 2.). The same year, 2 of the members left the band. The 5 pandas left, started to play live in late 2004. The debut was in IMPA, a metalurgical factory, along with Jason Khan and Luis Marte.
In 2005, gave concerts in Fuga Jurásica 05, Impa, Casa Panda, Torre Monumental, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales and finish the year with the LP “Comunismo”(Comunism).
In 2006, 2007 and 2008 Panda Paranoico have played in Fuga Jurásica 06, 07, Teatro del Borde, Ciclo Panorama Centro Cultural Recoleta, Palais de Tokyo en CCR, Estudio Abierto, Dirección General de Museos, Museo Etnográfico Nacional, Búsquedas Sonoras, Una Casa, etc. In a few the years, they have the opportunity to share stage with the greatest artists of the local circuit: AUTO, Lile, Pablo Reche, Reynols, McFly, Ismael Pinkler, Die Noia Futurizka, Pablo Verón, Estupendo, Marcelo Fabián, Fernando Kabuzaki and a lot more.
The only 3 members, who survived the years, Gabriel Funes, Sebastián Descarso and Guillermo Barceló, are working in their new album to be release in 2009, “Violar, matar y esconder” (To violate, to kill and to hide).

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