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Live at the Fillmore (instrumental version) by Pachyderm

Album Description

Released:August 6th, 2016

The instrumental version of our debut LP Live at the Fillmore! No words, no lyrics, just the sweet tones of bass, guitar, drums, and synths. You can find the full version on all digital platforms.


Remy Erkel - Drums, percussion, bass guitar on Interlude, tortilla chip on MHJ

Max Klemmer - Bass guitar, whistling on Wild Honey

Ethan Mackowick - Guitar, synths, percussion, violin on Orange Creamsicle

Nico Sleator - Keys on Drift Away and MHJ

Woodland Hills Chamber Choir - Harmonies on Two Mountains at a Time


Recorded by Ethan Mackowick in his basement

Mixed by Ethan Mackowick

Orange Creamsicle, Drift Away, and Wild Honey mixed by Luke Vacek


Cover art by Liza Crisanti

(check out more of Liza's art at )


All songs written by Pachyderm


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Cool Town Connect on 06/03/17 at 02:48PM
Very nice groove...thank you very much. I used two snippets of "Drift Away" for a video promoting the development of a new theater/music venue in our city and gave your group a Creative Commons credit at the end of the video. Much appreciated.
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