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LOCATION:Seattle Washington
  • Brian Wagner, Andrew Rudd, Kory Kruckenberg
From: Trucker (Seattle, WA) is a 3 piece americana/rock band that has a knack for incorporating soulful, minimalist, garage rock in to their raw, rootsy sound. It’s no secret that Seattle has been home to a major revival in alt-country and americana music in recent years, and although Pablo
Trucker crosses in to that territory occasionally, there is much more to the band’s sound. Influences range from soul greats like Otis Redding and Bill Withers to indie rock giants Built To Spill and Spoon. Even cult slowcore pioneers Bedhead, as well as American rock kings Neil Young and Tom Petty are significant influences. Band members Brian Wagner (guitar, vocals), Andrew Rudd (drums, vocals) and Kory Kruckenberg (bass) have been working hard to perfect an extremely dynamic live performance that draws audiences in with tense, spacious moments, as well as surprising many with a sound that is often said to be much bigger than just a 3 piece band. Although bass player Kory Kruckenberg owns a recording studio (VU.recording – J. Tillman, Damien Jurado, The Maldives, Rocky Votolato, Rosie Thomas), Pablo Trucker has taken a different approach to making records. Minimalism is king in these situations. Recording an EP in the early part of 2010, the band decided to not only record a live mix to 4-track cassette (that’s right…Tascam 424!), but they also chose to record the session in one evening in a working Seattle art space called The Gossamer Collective. The Gossamer Session EP is the result. Currently working on a full length record, the band once again chose to use a non-traditional approach, spending four days tracking in an airplane hangar on San Juan island, in the Puget Sound. Again, minimalism in recording technique was a big part of the session, recording all basic tracks (drums, bass and guitar) live to an 8-track Tascam reel to reel. No punching in to fix mistakes here…we’re leaving them in. What you will hear on this record are live takes of this incredibly tight band playing together in a room, with minimal overdubs added here and there. Pablo Trucker is taking a very old school, even guerrilla style approach to making records, but what you get in the end is the raw sound and feel of a band that plays extremely well together.