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Released Nov 13, 2009
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Dear listeners. When my brother and I were playing together in a band in the past, fighting about the music often broke out. Mr. Brian tended to more noise. I tended to more music. Everybody defended his own interests violently. Today I spare him the physical pain and the humiliation. As a quit pro quo he accepts, that every artistical decision at the _PLATTENBOSS_UNDERTAKERS_ is made by me. For that I come up with all the music and lyrics. Mr. Brian playing the drums and Cleft playing the bass guitar maintain the guitar-pop-compositions with their conventionally play. A great achievement, considering that they regularly abandon established musical structures, seeing those rules as borderlines of artistical expression. At the _PLATTENBOSS_UNDERTAKERS_ there are no escapades of sound, no experiments. To get to new music, I think it can be helpful to take pure and simple songs as a basis from time to time. After that, the big carving and pasting or maybe something completely different can come around. But before, enjoy the _PLATTENBOSS_UNDERTAKERS_ yours Pit Malone REPLY BY MR.BRIAN: who likes noise? I like noise! in addition, I like acoustic experiments, too. and because I was a long time of my life on music-detours, I surprised myself, when I appeared easily in a normal, but charming beautiful popband. perhaps I never received the chief position, because I was not a musician, but an artist. perhaps it was unnecessary for me to be a musician, because i like noise. perhaps I don´t need a chief position today, because I learned to play the drums. not very well, but nobody likes professionals. and pit is not so fastidious. anyhow not, if you do, what he says. enjoy. yours mr.Brian CLEFT: RESPONSE: once i was an unemployed longhaired bassguitarplayer with no future or any clue. then pit found me and i was allowed to play his fabulous tunes. he taught me well about music but i was an ungrateful disciple. i forsook him and tried to copy and paste his greatness. 
and of course i failed. 
now over 12 years later he gave me the chance to redeem myself. he never surrendered me. 
hail to the pit and his mesmerizing voice! cleft will play his fingers dumb for you! LAST WORDS BY PIT: But if we listen to the variations in tempo just to the point more often than not, and if we hear the variations in sound-intensity for example, we have to recognize, that _PLATTENBOSS_UNDERTAKERS_ is made by dynamic, companionship and fraternity. Thank you, brother, and thank you cleft for your play and your open words. And thank you two for your solidarity. An egocentric teardrop named happyness is rolling down my headphone-cable and dropping onto my keyboard, it is writing these words. _PLATTENBOSS_UNDERTAKERS_ is always open for suggestions and feedback or any kind of comments, as long as you are not a shitty plattenboss.  


Pit Malone