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  • EYAL TALMUDI- Clarinet, GERSHON LEIZERSON - Violin, Vocals, ASSAF TALMUDI - Accordion, AVICHY TUCHMAN- Double Bass , NOAM ENBAR- Vocals.
Oy Division is one of the only bands in Israel which perform the old style folk music of eastern- European Jews, generally known as Klezmer. The members of Oy Division do not adhere to the modern Klezmer style nor do they try to make it contemporary in any way, but
rather try to recreate and bring back to life the nearly extinct pre-war jewish music the way it had been originally performed. Their repertoire is a mix of instrumental wedding dance music, folk songs and songs originating in the Yiddish theatre, Old music played again with the zeal and exuberance of punks. The members of the band come from different musical backgrounds: Eyal Talmudi is a leading Israeli and international reed player, who regularly tours the world with the Balkan Beat Box; Noam Enbar is the bass player and lead singer of the exceptional Israeli experimental punk band H'Billuyim; Assaf Talmudi is an established record producer and composer and a lecturer in the Haifa University department of music; Gershon Leizersohn is a graduate student in the Tel Aviv University music department who regularly plays with classical music orchestras, and Avichai Tuchman is an independent musician and producer active both in the secular and the religious music scene in Israel.