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Colchon Estable by Otra Carpeta

Album Description

Released:August 4th, 2010

About "colchon estable":

At first I thought in doing this ep has a solo bass work because i was rehearsal for some gigs, but at the end i add a couple of "sequencer pieces" as i call them, and some cuts of a piano session recorded in a studio that my friend Leo had access. With all that, i finish this ep at the end of january, but i wasn't please with the sound of it, so i try different kinds of mixes until i knew that it wasn't about the mix, so i decide to re-record the whole ep thru my living room speakers to gave the tracks a very natural and particular reverb, the idea also excite me because i thought of this like a way to really recreate my listening room wherever the tracks are listen.

Carlos. june 2010.

music: carlos edelmiro -

image: yasmina garcia -

I dedicate this Ep to alex t. luck in the next level my friend, I hope you had a good reception. 0087

suRRism-Phonoethics / sPE_0040


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Colchon Estable
01. 607 (06:40)
02. Recordando el 3 (04:23)
03. Motivo (05:20)
06. Choza perdida (03:18)
07. Abajo, arriba (04:28)
08. Endisto (01:12)
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Jaan Patterson on 08/05/10 at 12:10AM
love to you!
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