OsO El roTo

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The freetranslation.com interpretation of Oso El Roto's (French) artist description is too good to miss:
"This is oso that goes to the market. it must buy a biére and a black blood sausage for his perish. but on the way it spends all the under in a breeze consultation the fortune teller. she gives to him a to kiss sacred (with the language) that the transforms in gilded god to the thousand verges. it recovers next the planéte of his divine sperme. wonderful elixir that heal the cancers and the Aids. his seed sells itself to price d now in the whole galaxy. the brukoniens of the planéte daughter-in-law in the systeme of bracknor. covets this precious good and comes even on earth to fly for them. there said oso stop j have air' thing to screw. it does caca in a plate and pipi in a glass and gives the all to his perish. the perish eats and drinks while adding: hum c is delicious" (from Galerie Pache)
That sounds about right, but see for yourself.