Oskar Fried

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Oskar Fried (August 10, 1871 – July 5, 1941), was a German conductor and composer.
Born in Berlin, the son of a Jewish shopkeeper, he worked as a clown, a stable boy and a dog trainer before studying composition with Iwan Knorr and Engelbert Humperdinckn Frankfurt. He later moved to Dusseldorf to study painting and art history. After a spell in Paris, he returned to Berlin in 1898 to study counterpoint with Xavier Scharwenka.
The performance of his composition Das trunkene Lied ("the drunken song") for chorus and orchestra brought Fried his first public success and led to his appointment in 1904 as conductor of a Berlin choral society. In 1905 he first met Gustav Mahler. The meeting was successful and resulted in an invitation to conduct Mahler's Resurrection Symphony in Berlin in November 1905 The next year Fried introduced Russia to Mahler's music when he performed the same work in St Petersburg. From 1907 to 1910 he directed a choral society known as the Sternsche Gesangverein in Berlin. In 1913 Fried conducted the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in the second performance of Mahler's Ninth Symphony.
-Wikipedia, Oskar Fried