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Orono, playing at a homebrew club, photo by Angela Shoemaker
LOCATION:Nyawara, Kenya
Orono is an 80 year old nyatiti legend living in a village near Kisumu city.  The nyatit is an 8 string lyre with a metal toe ring and bells to tap out the beat, native to the Luo people of the area.  Orono plays complex circular rhythms, switching it up right when you hit drone state, and sings lewd songs for drunken septugenarians.  He may be the last of his kind, however, as even homebrew clubs deep in the countryside (where this music traditionally thrives) are getting electricity and, with it, access to radio jams by Boyz II Men. No
80 year old nyatiti master can compete with that shit. 


Tracks from compilations

05. Orono - Live at Nyawara 00:02:39