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Symphony no. 1

Album Description

Producer: Yair Etziony
Engineer: NA
The tendency with a new aesthetic is to assume it has an underlying theory or concept. Such an assumption eases the initial reaction to harsh-sounding music or a form that isn't readily understood. But the truth is that the symphony is perhaps one of my most intuitive compositions to date, and it reflectsonly my desires regarding abstract sound and form. In that sense, one could say that it reflects a feeling or a period in my life, but that too would only be partially true, because this music is the outcome of more than a year's work; a time in
which I went through many contrasting emotional states. Perhaps this is why I deemed the work symphonic, as it seems to communicate an all-encompassing, yet unified narrative. Ophir Ilzetzki Taking his inspiration from the great romantic symphonies of Gustav Mahler and modern electronic composers of the 60s and 70s, Ilzetzki tells a long story in four parts. The story is dark, slow and idiosyncratic, but one thing is obvious when you listen to the entire piece - Ilzetzki has an amazing ability to control a composition's structure and development. Ilzetzki composed the piece using a limited set of analog synthesizers, but from this limitation, he managed to create a vast and austere world. The charm of this release stems from the inability to positively pinpoint its genre. This truly is music of solitude - a solitude of substance, structure, style, and self. Dedicated to Vita Ilzetzki (1944-2014) Release date: 30.08.2019 Format: Digital, Streaming, limited cassettes credits: released August 30, 2019 All tracks composed and mixed by Ophir Ilzetzki Produced by Yair Etziony for False Industries Additional mixing by Martin Masichen at Kuzurura Studios Berlin Mastered by Manes at Salz-Mastering Artwork by Yair Etziony Cover and layout - Tuvia Kudashevitz license: all rights reserved


UPLOADED: 12/16/2020

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