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Small Lies (or ABA') by Ophir Ilzetzki

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These are some new tracks, or old tracks remastered or re-recorded, or just stuff that I'm working on that's in progress, or just stuff that wasn't ever published :)


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Saxophone player, Jonathan Hazan, in Ophir Ilzetzki's, "Small Lies (or ABA')". This piece is part of a greater collaboration between the two on a piece of musical-theatre called "Rehearsal", for player, composer, audience & tape. Recorded live at Orshina Culture Space, Tel Aviv, as part of the Loving Art Making Art festival- 12 Nov. 2020. The piece features the following texts (with permission and copyright of the artists): • White vs. Green Shirts/Frank Charlton • Possibilities/Tal Nitzan (Am Oved - 2009)
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