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Live at WFMU on Scott's Show on 6/9/2000

Album Description

Host: Scott Williams
Engineer: Jesse Cannon
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ONEIDA Plays Live >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Oneida brings their big fuzzy amps, Woody Farfisas & Big Muffs and Muttonchops all the way from Brooklyn NY, just to make a nice big No Wave racket - just for us! Baptised by the great fuzzy bear that is Brother JT, Oneida has lovingly rendered
WFMU's 4th Floor Love Room asunder. For posterity, here's what they played:AntibioticsGettin it OnNew HeadGeometryGive Up...And Move Onwe take a break and listen to Judy Garland speakDoin Business in JapanSnow MachineHell TrainSteel RodDouble Lock Your MindOneida is:Kid Millions on the drumsBaby Hanoi Jane singing & playing bass and gtrFat Bobby Matador singing & playing his Woody organPCRZ (Papa Crazy) singing, playing Woody organ, gtr & a Big MuffTheir new ep "Steel Rod"


Radio Program

Live at WFMU on Scott's Show on 6/9/2000
01. Oneida - Antibiotics 00:07:17
04. Oneida - Geometry 00:02:12
05. Oneida - Gettin in On 00:03:24
07. Oneida - New Head 00:01:36
08. Oneida - Steel Rod 00:02:14
09. Oneida - Hell Train 00:02:41
10. Oneida - Snow Machine 00:02:42
UPLOADED: 12/04/2008

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