Olga Scotland

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WeeJessyJay May 20, 2019

Hi I love your music and have actually used your song Chocolate Tree in my documentary. Please check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjNbViCLyq0 Thank you :) Jess

Emonika Sep 20, 2018

Amazing artist!I loved her song "two flutes" so much, that I used it for a work of mine. See how it looks : https://vimeo.com/289916318

Musk-of-Ephesus Oct 20, 2016

The music really has a living quality of its own, reminds me of King Crimson and Clannad. I really like it.

James84 Oct 18, 2016

Great artist, I loved your track Two Flutes!