Arrow's Rest


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[color=#000000;]Folk rock. Full Nutmeg story: [/color]

Finally! Nutmeg's legendary lost masterpiece from 1986 is available in full!

Since the (relative) failure of 1979’s Camelot Calling Nutmeg had been mostly quiet. Clive Masters and Benji Wendle had barely spoken throughout the intervening years although 1984 and 1985 had seen the two collaborate on two (extremely rare now) standalone singles, C H R I S T M A S and My Sonny Went to War.

It was with some surprise therefore then that the NME broke the news on Weds 5th March 1986 that Clive, Benji and his wife and fellow Nutmegger Mrs Benji Wendle had entered the studio to begin work on a new album. The same article broke the sad news that Mahatma Coat was no longer in the band because he was dead.

The new record, stated the article, would be another concept album, this time based on the legend of Robin Hood who, apparently Clive Masters had started claiming he was descended from. It was to be called Arrow’s Rest. Then…. Nothing. No record appeared and all queries sent to either Beatroot Records or to the band themselves were ignored. Eventually, around six months later a press release was released to the press by Beatroot Records which simply said “Good news: Arrow’s Rest finished and is brilliant. Bad news: we’ve lost it. Not sure what happened. Sorry.”

Fast forward to 2012 and Clive found something dirty in his cutlery drawer. It was an old reel to reel tape covered in (probably?) gravy and all bashed up and stuff. Just visible beneath the sticky brown smear on the tape’s side were the words Arrow’s Rest.

For the next eight years, before he lost interest, Clive, along with audio wunderkind (and close friend and room mate) Bosun Hardflank from Sunnyside Studios laboured long and hard to restore the badly gravied master tape, until six of the nine ‘song-suites’ were restored.
Fast forward once more, to 2021, and Clive and Bosun found a late lockdown burst of energy and finished the restoration project.

Presented here, for the first time EVER - the full, unedited version of Arrow's Rest, in all its glory.


Clive Masters


Clive Masters / Benji Wendle