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 Nurgul Jones (3 Albums, 34 Tracks)


  • Official
  • N3rgul Bandcamp
  • Nurgul Jones Bandcamp
  • Albums:
  • The Cowboy
  • the Wizard
  • and the Eclipse (2017
  • as Nurgul Jones & The Kill Cult Clique
  • Blue section)
  • El Vacìo (2012
  • as Nurgul Jones
  • Pink section)
  • Subspace Cannibals (2017
  • Pink section)
  • Havana Nocturne (2016
  • Pink section)
  • Division Sonic - Transgresif (2016
  • Pink section)
  • with Plebs & Fuckboys
  • SeenZone Blues (2016
  • Gray section)
  • Zulu Gestapo (2017
  • Gray section)
  • Info:
  • N3rgul is one of my projects and one of my more personal projects.
  • It's what I return to consistently outside of whatever band or group I've been in and something I've done for years.
  • I guess I am N3rgul
  • or at least I am N3rgul as much as I am anything else.
  • I've been working on this project for years
  • and as it evolves
  • I also evolve.
  • N3rgul is
  • like Plebs & Fuckboys
  • a reflection of my philosophy.
  • At times its transgressive
  • at times its discordant
  • juxtaposed
  • absurd
  • or otherwise bizarre; and at other times there's some philosophy behind a theme
  • some chillness
  • or something with a lot more meaning than meets the eye.
  • I have been N3rgulat some rather strange times in my life
  • and its a way for me to outpour what I'm feeling or thinking or just to express something that I feel needs creating at any given moment.
  • I think an artist's job sometimes is to reconcile the alienation within themselves with society at large
  • and for much of N3rgul I was under alienation and even a NEET.
  • If I can reconcile what I've felt while alienated and bring it to an audience
  • maybe that makes it worth something.
  • N3rgul will likely be around in some incarnation or another
  • as long as I change within life and can find the will to continue to attempt to bring my art with me along the way.
  • Everything from Drum and Bass which first got me into music
  • to niche Slimp Punk
  • Dubstep
  • Vaporwave
  • Trip-Hop
  • or just weird experimental stuff
  • this is my favorite project
  • because it's me just trying to join my favorite artists and explore all these traditions over the past decade.


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