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LOCATION:Wiscasset, Maine and Gettysburg, PA
Originating from the heart and mind of singer/songwriter Steve Westfall, Country/Pop Folk collective Not From Georgia is a story to behold, a story to be told, and brings a dynamic manifestation of music through journeys of life, artistic expression, and the insatiable thirst for creation.Not From Georgia's songs have an uplifting Alternative/Country sound that showcases strength in musicianship, presence, and performance. Bringing individual musical elements to the table, Not From Georgia grasps on an eclectic chemistry and realm of passion. You are captivated as a listener with every upbeat performance. There's depth to the music, emotion, and expression that you
can't help but identify with, admire, and find longevity in.Steve Westfall, the leader of the pack, shares his expression of music through experiences that have shed light on his life. A remedy to the heartache that we've all had one time or another. As well as the happiness that makes it all worth it.Westfall is also a Jamendo artist currently with more than 2,500,000 listens, 20,000 downloads, and continues to solidify a heavy internet presence. Not From Georgia has hit the ground running since the start and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon, or at all.

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