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I'm not a band, I'm just a dude. A dude who really enjoys the music made on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
I listen to a lot of old NES music. I often wonder if the composers of the 8-bit Nintendo heard music in real life and wondered, "What that would sound like on the NES?" Surely when they were creating the music for Contra they had head banging in mind. Or the Music for Castlevania games, neo classical shred. That's when I started thinking, what if I were to re-create Death Metal on the NES?
Using a program called Modplug, I set forth to recreate the NES sound in the name of Death Metal. One of the challenges was to recreate vocals that had an authenticly NES sound to them. I recalled hearing many voice overs in old NES games such as the classic "Blades of Steel" line. It was possible for very short audio samples to be ported into the NES music. Often used as drum samples, sometimes they were used to create voice recordings. Even though it may not have been possible with the NES's hardware in the 80's, I have converted my vocal tracks into the same format as the NES used in order to obtain that same authentic and nostalgic sound. That is why they have so much static.
This is what it would have sounded like had the NES composers decided to recreate Death Metal.

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