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Between Hemispheres by Nonloc

Album Description

Nonloc - Between Hemispheres
Released:May 15th, 2007

Nonloc is the solo guise of Mark Dwinell, the guitar-slinging ringleader of East Coast spontaneous trance rockers Bright. When composing on the spot with Bright, Dwinell directs the minmailst, krautrock inspired jams into melodic and sonically layered songs, draping over it impromptu vocals in a manner loosely akin to any number mid-70's Kraut legends, or the philosophies of Damo Suzuki and his instant compositions. Nonloc takes direction from the Bright model, but springboards away with a more refined perspective. Between Hemispheres, the second solo album for Dwinell as Nonloc, is a heady excursion into repetition and the unyielding strength of unrepentant melody.

Fascinated by minimalist composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley, Nonloc seeks to focus on the microtonal universes and hypnotic netherworlds minimalism awakens from repetition, while constructing ivory towers of melody enveloped top to bottom with softly barbed hooks. Acoustic and electric guitars provide focus instrumentation, but the elaborate color accumulation of Between Hemispheres is dominated by alternate layering of acoustic instruments such as piano, accordion, mandolin, and cello. Whereas Bright will use vocals sparingly as instrumental color, Nonloc spices up the instrumental forays by peppering tunes with lyrics that are direct and at times strikingly personal.

Impeccably recorded, Between Hemispheres is a long-playing lullaby for intimate, contemplative twilight stares into candlelight.

"Using loops built from piano, clarinet, and accordion lines, Dwinell creates a base for his chugging, probing guitar and gently sung poetry. Although Dwinell's electric guitars do the occasional cameo to provide color, acoustic guitar is the album's dominant instrument, where he makes like another of his heroes, the late acoustic-six-string guru John Fahey." - Boston Phoenix

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Between Hemispheres
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