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Mantis Radio Mix [May 2013] by Nonima

Album Description

Almost criminally underrated – the sound of Nonima is one that really should be in more peoples music collections. One of those artists those who know, know.   The core of his sound – IDM. Something not heard that often these days, and certainly rarer at this calibre. His sound echoes
that golden age of 90s electro IDM perhaps best surmised as similar to that of Autechre between Amber and their later more abstract period starting with Confield. Along the way taking in glitched industrial techno flexes, ambient constructs and a sense of ever-morph to the sound and journey within.   Yet comparisons aside – Tam has his own voice, one you’ll hear tonight in it’s full glory.   The clear rich structures of sound – the processed glitch, melodies and synth work – this is the sound of Nonima.   A resident of Scotland (Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire) Nonima also records as Mitoma and collaboratively with Andy Paterson (theAudiologist) as Altered:Carbon. His work with Andy on more of an abstract hip-hop direction – think Skam, Merck, Chocolate Industries.     In 2009 he co-founded the prolific (100+ releases strong) netlabel Section 27 where most of his releases can be found. Recently he turned in a remix on Stormfield’s Collapsing System EP for London’s blacklight label Combat Recordings; a highlight of the EP.   On the horizon a 3rd Mitoma album Iso:Forms; due for release this summer and new Nonima material later in the year.   Get locked. We are Mantis Radio.