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Trail EP

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From Intervall-audio: The tracks on Trail EP  by Colombian-born Japanese musician, Nobara Hayakawa, are a bundle of select experimental shoegaze electronica sketches recorded for different projects using computers, acoustic instruments and voice — together they project a journey back in time into what every person on earth can feel as speaking of something deeply honest and real (including irony). "Like old friends, my old selves singing about the lives I've lived", is how Nobara herself epitomizes the album. And indeed, taken together, the tracks sound like a chapter closing, like briefly looking back and remembering old and dear (and maybe
less dear) things — things that make one wonder for a second, and then briefly smile, before one puts them away to get moving on... The first track, 'Trail' is "about the love/hate pendular movements that one experiences under the effects of a caprice". 'Hoover Love' features a vacuum cleaner and is part of a project series for domestic machines and voices. 'Alas' (wings) "was made on a Sunday evening, in a state of deep sadness." The next track, 'Desalejar', has got no words at all, since the song is about trust. (Incidentally, desalejar  is the Spanish word for Martin Heidegger's ent-fernung.) The longest track, 'Fuzzy Lady', is an improvisation for washing machine, drum machine, piano and voices. And the final track, 'Homelessness', came "after reading too much Paul Auster and crying too much for the same ghost." Nobara Hayakawa is a Colombian-born Japanese singer and musician. She studied visual arts at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and currently works as a lecturer at two universities in Bogotá.



Trail EP
01. Nobara Hayakawa - Trail 00:03:26
UPLOADED: 01/05/2010
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