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 Night Gallery (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


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  • JIMMY "Mighty Mouse" - DRUMS

Night Gallery arose from the dark gothic corners of New York City with a few songs and a dream. A dream that a great band could be formed from my own collection of original songs which I had written over the years beginning in 1986. The first song was called "Funeral Parlor" which was written from an experience I had as a child. In a dream about this experience which occurred many years before, I was inspired to create the bass line which I heard in my dream and remembered upon waking.

At that time I had left the Band PMS and started working with THE PEDESTRIANS in 1986. After the untimely death of my dear friend, Ronnie Phillips, the main writer and guitarist for The Pedestrians, I decided this was an inspiration to break away from playing other people's music in previous bands I had played bass in and begin my own. In 1989, I asked the Vocalist, Tammy to sing my songs. My friend Gwen agreed to play keyboards and Robert Lacyk played drums. After auditioning a few guitarists, we found Adam. We called the band "NIGHTMARE" after one of the songs I had written. The band went through several personnel changes (Jimmy replaced Robert on the drums, Gwen and Adam left to form their own band) over the following years until 1992 when my ex-husband, Mark joined as guitarist and keyboardist Diana Simons jumped on board. We needed a vocalist after my good friend Tammy moved to Florida and found Colin Stoker who enchanted us with him amazing voice and helped co-write many of the songs which we still play.

After Drummer Jimmy left, we found an incredible replacement named Rob W. whom we nick-named "The Machine" for his impeccable timing. We were inspired to re-name the band "Night Gallery" and begin fresh with this new powerful line-up. We did several recordings, one song called "Sara" made it on a compilation album called "Hear No Evil, Volume II" which can still be found. We played many New York City venues over the following three years which culminated with our farewell gig at the infamous "Limelight".

After the break-up of Night Gallery in 1995, I decided to take a break from my own material and joined two bands, "Ultraviolet" and "Caledonia" where I formed lifelong friendships with the members of both these bands. Now, more than a decade later, I was inspired to revive "Night Gallery" with another fresh new line-up and record all the songs and put out a CD of this fabulous material. Inspired by my present husband, Mark Demon, whose vocals are reminiscent of Colin Stokers', I am graced by the presence of a drummer I've had the pleasure of playing with in the past few years of the new millennium. His name is John Marzan who has also played with me in the band "Bad Camera" in 2006. I am also very lucky to acquire my good friend Sauron, a very talented guitarist who has also played on the NYC Gothic Scene for many years with bands such as Vasaria. Last but not least, the very talented and mysterious Paul Ash has agreed to play keyboards for us. Jimmy "Mighty Mouse" has recently come on board the band wagon as our new drummer, he had previously played in Night Gallery in the 1990's!

-Kitty Hawke, Founder and Co-Songwriter for Night Gallery


Radio Program

Live at WFMU on Pat Duncan's Show 1/22/09
01. Night Gallery (05:44)
02. Death Spell (04:49)
04. Inside Out (02:50)
04. Sara (05:15)
05. Sad Song Day (05:45)
08. Nightmare (06:37)


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