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Explosion by Nick Davies

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This is my first full rock album, and hopefully not my last.  While there isn't quite a storyline to tie the whole together, the central theme of the album is a struggle against authority in an age of burgeoning dystopias.  It's also my best album yet in terms of production
and editing.  I learned a lot to apply to my next projects.  All instruments are played by me, except for the drums, which are played by the computer.  My keyboard filled in for bass guitar--something I'll be doing differently next time.  But the accordion is real accordion. For the gear heads, my setup is: Epiphone electric guitar, Yamaha E403 keyboard, Rossetti accordion, Line 6 UX2 digital interface, MXL 990 condenser mic, Hydrogen (free) for drum tracks, Kristal (free) for recording, and a bunch of free VST plugins.



03. Nick Davies - Explosion 00:03:50

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